New DEGERtracker

DEGERenergie, leading manufacturer with the globally largest product portfolio for single and dual axis solar tracking systems, recently introduced the latest generation of dual-axis solar tracking systems and a new company logo.

The systems 5000HD, 6000NT and 9000NT are replaced by the systems D60H, D80 and D100. The latest generation of dual-axis solar tracking systems has shorter installation time resulting from the prefabricated wiring, or the all new rotating head geometry, which is unique on the market.With the unique geometry of the rotating head we achieve an ideal distribution of forces. This relieves bearings, motors and gears and increases the longevity of the overall system considerably. In addition, this new construction reduces cost and saves raw material.

Degers market position is based on the unique, patented “Maximum Light Detection” – or MLD technology. It provides the possibility of increasing the yield of solar power plants by using an “intelligent” control. The MLD-sensor thereby always aligns the solar modules with the energetically most potent point in the sky. Solar energy systems with MLD control can then achieve up to 45% greater yields when compared to fixed systems – at yield peaks, this value is significantly higher.
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